In the world of fitness who wants to have a big fat belly and even weigh higher in pounds. It upsets you when your favorite outfit doesn’t fit you anymore. Everyone in the crowd wishes to get a flat and flawless tummy. An overweight persons health issues are not only up to the appearance of that person, at the same time it blesses you with many serious health problems. Intake of more calories and having no physical exercise stores such extra calories as fats underneath your skin. You no longer have that enthusiasm to do a few physical activities.

Here are a few health issues that an overweight person can face-

Cardiovascular and endocrine system:  An overweight person faces many cardiovascular issues. Hearts, which pumps blood around, extra fats makes it harder to pump and supply blood to the body.  Thus it raises the blood pressure high and leads to hypertension. A recent study shows that high blood pressure is the root cause of the increase in the number of strokes among the crowd.

Extra unwanted fats around the body make the cells resistant to insulin. Insulin is a type of hormone which transmits sugar from the blood to the cells. A person resistant to insulin, the cells find it difficult to take sugar and which results in high blood sugar. Each day there is an increased rate of risk of diabetes patients as rising of high blood sugar.

Kidney failure:

Health complications relating to the rise of high blood pressure can lead to serious diseases relating to the functioning of the kidney.

Respiratory System

Abdominal fat limits the expansion of the lungs. As a result, there is an increase in respiratory problems. Fats stored around the neck makes the airway smaller which causes breathing problems. Poor function of lungs leads to a rise in Asthma and obstructive sleep apnea. A person who is suffering from sleep apnea finds difficulty in focusing and is sleepy the entire day.

Liver disease:

Every day doctor reports cases of fatty liver. Fats around the liver worsen its function leading to liver failure.


People who weigh higher in pounds show an increase in people suffering from depression. An overweight person faces physical and social discrimination, which is the leading cause of depression. Sexual satisfaction is an important part of health. A person who is higher in weight often has sexual dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction in a relationship leads to mental disorders.

Reproductive system:

Women are known to be the earth’s saviour who carries a  baby into her womb. A study shows that a woman overweight develops several complications in conceiving and late miscarriage. Several ovulatory infertility cases had seen it rising at an alarming rate in the world. Pregnant women who weigh higher develop a rise in blood sugar and a rise in blood pressure. Obesity leads to the time of surgery expanding with loss of blood.


Extra fats in our body lead to weight higher in pounds, which exerts extra pressure on joints causing a rise of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common health problem that causes severe pain affecting joints of knees, hands, hips and lower back.

Overweight persons health issues always create some serious health problems. People can avoid gaining extra unwanted fat around the body. Avoiding processed foods and oily foods is the first step towards a healthy routine. Shift and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet to stay fit. A few workouts broadcasted on youtube can bring you closer to a healthy life.

It is never too late to change your lifestyle, control your weight, and eat healthily and stay fit.

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