Boozing on the weekend with a popular beverage fermented from cereal grains, known as a beer can prove to be relaxing. The whole week we are stuck in a tight schedule, host a dine out and with a pint of beer can take away all your stress. A pint of beer gifts you with several benefits. Say “cheers” and sip at the right amount and gift yourself several benefits of drinking beer to your body. What image pops to your mind when we relate a beer bottle and a person? An image of a fat belly person. But it is not the fact. Moderate beer consumption can help you and your body and to stay happy.

Here is a gear to boost your energy at the moderate consumption of beer to enjoy health benefits.

  • A Good Source For Nutrients:

The study proves that beer is merely a food rather than a beverage. Beer proves to be a good source of protein and Vitamins and various minerals. Research proves that they contain prebiotics that feeds the bacteria in one’s gut.

  • A Key to a Healthy Heart:

Moderate benefits of drinking beer cannot be ignored. It lowers the risk of any cardiovascular-related disease due to the presence of a natural antioxidant called phenols. It makes arteries rigid and thus lowers the risk of a heart attack.

  • Cleans Oral Problem:

Drinking beer lowers tooth decay and other oral related problems. Beer proves to lower the growth of bacteria.

  • Protect Against Alzheimer’s:

One of the most amazing beer-drinking benefits is that it can fight against Alzheimer’s. The silicon content in the beer protects the brain against the amount of aluminum in the body. A higher presence of aluminum in the body is the prime cause of Alzheimer’s.

  • Lower the Level of Diabetes:

Each year the number of diabetic patients around the globe is increasing at an alarming rate. Moderate drinking beer can lower such risk. The presence of alcohol content strengthens the sensitivity of insulin which lowers the risk of diabetes. The study proves that beer contains a very good source of soluble fibre which is another healthy diet for the one suffering from diabetes.

  • Prevent Kidney Stones:

Moderate consumption of beer lowers the risk of kidney stones. The maximum water content in the beer restricts the harmful toxins to stay in the body. It flushes such toxins and keeps the kidney safer.

  • Minimize the Risk of Cancer:

The biggest benefits of drinking beer can’t be forgotten. Cancer is always considered as the deadliest disease. Beer contains xanthohumol which is the most powerful antioxidant to fight against cancer. It doesn’t allow the cancer-causing enzymes to stay in the body. Beer also reduces the chance of breast cancer in women and lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men.

  • Build Bones Stronger:

The level of silicon in the beer helps in the growth of the bones. Beer strengthens the bones and thus lowering the risk of fractures.

  • Prevent Dandruff:

Dandruff has always been an unwanted problem that causes your Winters are always prone to give rise to dandruff problems. Beer can be proven as a natural remedy for your hair. As a high content of vitamin B and yeast, it helps to treat dandruff. Wash your hairs with a bottle of beer to treat dandruff and get a smooth texture to your hair.

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