It is very difficult for people to stay fit without practising any conventional diet and exercise plan in their daily life.  The best health tip to stay healthy and fit while avoiding exercise is to participate more actively in your daily routine. There are many tips to stay healthy, to keep yourself moving you have to include yourself in more active and energetic hobbies.

To stay fit you have to consume a healthy diet. A healthy diet means consuming plenty of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and a diet full of vitamins and proteins. Give your body proper time to rest i.e 7-8 hours of proper sleep, this will help you to keep your energy level up and also this will boost up your energy level.

Always prefer to use stairs and avoid elevators-  This is the best health tip that keeps you fit and healthy. A little change in your daily routine like the use of stairs instead of the elevator will keep you fit without giving any specific time to exercise or workout.

Always prefer to walk and avoid cycle or scooter- to stay healthy you should avoid covering the short distance by cycles or scooters instead walk to those places. Walking will help you to release sweat which results in the dissolution of extra fat. Walking is the best tips to stay healthy. Including only a couple of additional steps means a day can have any kind of effect in keeping yourself fit.

Have a drink- drinking a lot of water will help you to stay fit and fine. Counting just two or three extra methods daily can have any sort of impact in keeping yourself fit. Take a stab at drinking water with lemon or green tea instead of plain water when you need a little lift; you’ll get genuinely necessary cell reinforcements and detoxing properties from both.

Prefer to eat green veggies- always try to eat green vegetables as those green veggies are a significant part of a solid eating regimen. Green veggies, for instance, contain a ton of your necessary everyday supplements in a single serving, and can likewise help diminish your danger of numerous infections. Ensure at any rate one of your suppers has a significant measure of greens to get the most advantage out of your veggies.

Always prefer to do something and avoid sitting in one place-  Indeed, sitting can be deadly, so no, you shouldn’t go through eight hours doing it. Moving around at work encourages you to remain solid, yet that doesn’t generally need to mean walking here and there your place of business’ stairwell — continually moving your body in little manners, such as squirming or extending in your seat, can help battle the impacts of being inactive (and consume a couple of more calories with little exertion).

Intentional non-exercise physical activity

Here are some best healthy tips if you’re not kidding about consuming more calories without working out, change your day by day schedule to incorporate progressively physical action. Models include:
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift or elevator.
  • Park at the most distant finish of the parking garage so you have more distance to stroll to your goal.
  • Utilize the bathroom at the most distant finish of the workplace as opposed to the closest one.
  • Take standard breaks from your work area grinding away to stretch and stroll around.
  • During calls, lift light loads or walkabout.
  • Walk more energetically than your typical pace.
  • Rather than plunk down gathering with a collaborator or a companion, have your gathering while at the same time strolling.
  • Pick a printer for your records that isn’t close to your work area.
  • Consider getting a standing work area.

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