When people start thinking about reducing the power consumption in their house, then they rarely think about the fan. Certainly a ceiling fan in India is one of the most neglected devices in the planning of electricity storage. Most people pay special attention to the planning of lighting to fix their high electricity bills, but they forget that, or they do not know that compared to fans, tube lights and other light generating equipment consume a lot of electricity.

To give a perspective, a regular (non BEE star rated) fan consumes up to 90 watts, while a very inefficient tube light also consumes only up to 55 watts. One must look for the best high speed ceiling fans for home which consumes less electricity and performs highly better than others fans.

Apart from this, a fan is used in the night as well as in the day, while the lighting equipment is used only during the night. If we analyze in totality, then we will find that the fan consumes twice as much or three times more power than the lighting equipment.

However, most people ignore the power consumed by the ceiling fans in India while purchasing it. In India, BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has been offering ratings of regular size (1200 mm sweep) fans for some years, and since then manufacturers have also started presenting the list of efficient fans. There are many best ceiling fans with light in India and they might be consuming more electricity than any other ceiling fan.

To help this, people choose electricity consumption as a decisive factor when purchasing fans, but to save electricity, we are presenting a list of top five high speed ceiling fans for home in India by power consumption and size.

  • On the basis of ranking this data is taken from BEE (BEE) (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). BEE data presents calculations based on the power consumption and air distribution capacity of a fan, based on the report submitted by the fan manufacturers. The presented data is calculated in the test state.
  • We have used its service price (air distribution / power consumption) factor to rank the various models of the fan. We have given the highest ranking to the fan whose service price was maximum. Many same rank models are offered with the same value Bestrently this list is only for 1200 mm wings, this information is available with us through BEE. We constantly update this list with the data of new wings.
  • The list presented below contains only the top five high speed ceiling fans for home.

Types of Ceiling Fans in India

Normal Ceiling Fans

These are normally three bladed fans. These are operated with the help of a regulator. These are the most famous ceiling fans for Indian homes over the past so many decades.

Smart Ceiling Fans

It is like a normal ceiling fan but operates with a smart device. It is becoming very popular these days as the concept of smart homes is trending in India.

High Speed Ceiling Fans

Such wings have High- speed. They are often small in size. But due to their high RPM they give faster air. These types of ceiling fans are more of decorative nature. They may have three, four or five blades. These ceiling fans in India are also available in different colors.

These are the Top 5 Best High Speed ceiling fans for Home in India- 2020

1. Crompton Aluminum Avancer 48-Inch High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Ceiling fan

The Indian company Crompton is known for its quality products. This 48 inch ceiling fan of the company is available in silver and white color. This ceiling fan comes with double balancing and an aluminum body is available with 100 percent copper winding. Its power is 70 watts. This 5 speed fan will give your room a cool summer. Crompton is a very renowned brand when it comes for manufacturing the best ceiling fan for a bedroom.

Pros :-

  • It is famous brand ceiling fan
  • Unique and High- speed motor
  • Easy to clean in just one swipe
  • Advances modern and unique designs

Cons: –

  • It is heavy in weight
  • Maximum 380 RPM

2. Havells Leganza High Speed Ceiling Fans For Home (1200 mm)

Havells fans for home

This Havells 48-inch ceiling fan for home comes with 4 blades. The company has launched it in an attractive and robust design. Its RPM 350 and power is 72 watts. This fan is heavier due to having 4 blades. But air circulation is very good. The company is giving a 2 years warranty on it. It is one of the finest 4 blade ceiling fan with remote in india.


  • Fan with 4 blades
  • Attractive dual tone
  • Great finishing


  • Only 350 RPM maximum
  • Tone heavy ceiling fan

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3. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha bloom fan in india

USHA is one of the best ceiling fan brand in india. This ceiling fan of Indian company Usha is of 1250 mm. Its RPM is 380. The company has launched it in the Indian market in beautiful design. This ceiling fan of Usha is a decorative item. The three blades fitted in it are aerodynamically. You can operate it at 4 speeds. The company is giving a 2-year warranty on this luxurious fan that comes with light.

Usha is such a big brand that doesn’t need any introduction. Many of the company’s models are available in the market. It manufactures equipment to suit every customer segment. This is a decorative item. Will give grandeur to your drawing room.


  • Famous brand
  • Decorative Equipment
  • Strong design


  • Precious Tools
  • 4 speed mode only

4. Havells XP-390 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Havells xp fan

Make your bedroom attractive with classic Havells XP-390 this best ceiling fan for the bedroom. Fan has three wide blades that promote High- speed of air circulation and distribution to every corner of your room.  These are also Built with a powerful motor, it operates at any level of speed as is required by the user. This bedroom ceiling fan will give your room a perfect and classy look.


  • Sweep are with size of 1200 mm
  • Facilitated with Quick-rotation motor
  • Contain Wide blades for superior air circulation


  • Heavy Weight- 4.08 Kg
  • Built with 3 blades only

5. Bajaj Excel Star 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (White)

bajaj excel ceiling fan for home

Bajaj is another best ceiling fans brand from india & are Known for speed and power saving ceiling fans. Their 4 blade ceiling fans also known for style, Bajaj Fans have something special for every home, office and commercial space.

Our premium, economy and energy efficient ranges offer world- class performance and looks absolutely stunning. We have something for the kids too with our specially designed Disney fans that will put a smile on the face of every child. So decorate your home with Bajaj Fans today


  • High- speed fan with sleek
  • Modern and attractive look
  • Deliver high air even at low voltages
  • Automatic winding capacity to ensure consistent quality


  • Built with three blades
  • Heavy in weight

Some Important Parts of Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans do not have too many internal parts. They have a rotor and stator on the inside. The rotor in a normal motor acts as a stator. The stator, on the other hand, functions like a rotor. Child bearing is used to smooth the motor. It can be single or double.


It serves to convey air to us. These blades made of metal are made from special edges by turning them at special angles. Their number can range from three to five. But generally three bladed ceiling fans are more prevalent.

Body of equipment & Condenser

Body is made of metal inside which the motor stays fit & Condenser is attached to the body by which the motor is fitted which has a major role in starting the fan.

Metal rod

With its help the fan is hung. Its length can be from 10 to 15 inches. There are clamps on both ends, with the help of which the fan is attached to it.

Ceiling fan size

The length of the blade in a ceiling fan is often measured in inches. Nowadays some ceiling fans manufacturing companies in India show it in MM as well. The ceiling fan consists of blades ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches in length. You must choose a ceiling fan according to the size of the room.

RPM of Ceiling Fan

RPM means how many times the fan rotates in one minute per round. It is represented by RPM. The higher the RPM of a ceiling fan, the faster it will rotate. Powerful motors are required for High- speed wings. The RPM of the sealing fan can range from 300 to 600. The RPM of the domestic fan is generally 400 to 600. High- speed fan’s RPM can be up to 700. But the higher the RPM, the higher the noise in the fan.

Power and regulator

The power of the fan is measured in watts. The higher the fan blade size, the greater the power. Ceiling fans usually range from 50 to 100 watts. The most popular 48-inch ceiling fan in the market is 70 to 75 watts. It can be said that the more the power, the more electricity will be spent.

Regulator is used to change the speed of a fan. It can be rotated at four or five different speeds. Nowadays small regulators are used. These fittings occupy less space on the board and are beautiful to look at.

Decorative Ceiling Fan at Home

Nowadays many types of decorative ceiling fans are available in the market. It is of different colors. Many beautiful designs are made on their blades and body. They are used in drawing rooms, office waiting rooms, or in more moving locations.

Smart fan

Smart ceiling fans are also available in the market like bulbs. This can be operated from your mobile. You can operate them with Alexa or Google Echo. It is not very popular in Indian markets right now.

Maintenance and Operation

Their maintenance is very simple, these years continue to work without interruption. Too much change in voltage can damage their motor or condenser. Additionally, the motor burns when there is water inside the motor.


Summer in India is hot and it is difficult to stay even for a minute without a ceiling fan. You also cannot run AC all the time, as it consumes more power. So we use three and four blade fans to get cold air, which causes less electricity. This reduces the temperature within a few minutes and makes the room cool.

These are top 5 high speed ceiling fans for home in India 2020. Nowadays the fan is very stylish and with strong petals, the fan is available in the market. All brands with a minimum range provide you with a good quality or strong wind blowing Ceiling Fans. For which brand fan will be good for you, you can know from the review done by our editor team.

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