Monitoring the blood pressure levels at home is made easy. It is not the same meter that we used to see in the dispensary where the belt is tightened on one arm and an inflation cuff is utilized to measure the blood pressure level. This also comes along with the stethoscope.

The one that we used to see earlier in the Aneroid meter. These meters are outdated for various reasons. There are many blood pressure monitor machine in India that are handy and more dependable than the aneroid one.

These are digital meters that are far advanced in measuring the blood pressure levels. Let us see the difference between an aneroid meter and electronic blood pressure machine.


Aneroid Meter is not reliable in showing the results. At the same time, the accuracy of the readings is more dependable.

Easy to Use:

The aneroid meter comes with a huge unit. If the iron cuff is missing on the belt, it gets difficult to tighten it thereby affecting the result. There are no such hassles with the digital blood pressure monitor in India.

Compact Unit:

The digital meter is handier and comes as one unit. While the aneroid meter has a whole lot of gadgets to be carried across. Indeed, it is not an ideal home use equipment too.

Keeping all this in mind, aneroid meters are obsolete. More importantly, the fear of breakage of the meter is more. It is a complex machine, but the digital counterpart is pretty simple to use. A few of them are very compact too.

The portability and the energy consumption make these devices a hit in the Medical industry. Moreover, using an aneroid meter at home is a more difficult task than a digital meter, as the readings can be taken easily unlike the former.


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There are two primary sorts of home blood pressure monitors: arm-cuff, and wrist-cuff. Others measure blood pressure through a finger and are less trusted.

The two varieties are automatic, so the cuff blows up itself and the meter shows a reading. Ensure the sleeve fits you: most models accompany a medium-sized sleeve, and you may need to arrange a bigger or littler size if necessary.

Various monitors have various highlights: many will mention to you what risk classification you fall into, ascertain averages, let you download information to another gadget or store data for numerous users.

Do some exploration online before you purchase. Additionally, most monitors are exceptionally accurate, however, ensure that your blood pressure has been clinically approved. Pick one with easy to use controls and a simple-to-understand display.

1. The Upper Arm Monitor

One reason that numerous individuals prefer an upper arm monitor is that the cuff normally rests at a similar level as your heart. That makes it simple to rapidly and precisely measure blood pressure, both in a clinical setting and at home.

At-home blood pressure monitors are simpler to use than ever. Highlights like pre-formed sleeves, just as computerized screens and automated measures are only a couple of the choices that can make monitoring your blood pressure less difficult.

2. All in the wrist

Obviously, in case you’re searching for intelligibility with somewhat less bulk, a wrist monitor may make more sense. While they’re less similar than upper arm cuffs, wrist screens have gotten more normal because of their profitability. These little models have all the fancy odds and ends of the upper arm cuffs, yet their conservative size makes them ideal for travel.

Wrist sleeves are additionally ideal for individuals with arm/hand versatility impediments.


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Advantages of Owning a Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

1. Self-Measurement: No More White Coats

Maybe you experience the ill effects of white coat condition, in which simply shaking your primary care physician’s hand is sufficient to get your heart dashing and increment your blood pressure.

In any case, you can likewise take your readings in the solace of your own home, which implies you can get genuine figures as you approach your day by day exercises. These are probably going to be more accurate than those taken in your doctor’s outpatient clinic, the same number of studies have appeared.

2. Monitor your blood pressure over time

If you have to monitor the advancement of your blood pressure, domiciliary self-estimation will give you a nitty-gritty profile after some time. This is especially significant concerning evaluating the viability of antihypertensive medications recommended by your primary care physician.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor Machine in India.

1.Omron HEM-7130 Blood Pressure Monitor

omron bp monitor machine

A versatile bp measuring monitor in India has the capacity of storing 60 readings with date and time. This makes this device the best in the market. Handier with very soft cuffs, this is easy to handle. With the crystal clear display, the results can be known in seconds. Less power consumption comes in dual power mode. Ideally expected to use it in the DC mode to enjoy portability.

Omron HEM-7130 Blood Pressure Monitor is highly sought by the physicians for its versatility and accuracy. Uses the oscillometric technology in measuring the blood pressure levels, this device is a wonderful masterpiece. It has the capacity of sensing the body movement and gives the blood pressure reading too.

The portability is made easy, while the storage case is also compact. Comes with perfect battery sets and can fit into any USB device adapter for its functionality.

Key features:-

  • Memory capacity to store 60 previous readings
  • Lightweight
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

Pros :-

  • Dual Mode Power
  • Soft Cuffs

Cons: –

  • The readings are not accurate

2. HealthSense Classic BP120 bp Test Machine in India

healthsense bp machine

The traditional oscillometric technology is utilized to monitor the blood pressure using powerful sensors. This is so handy and it is easily portable. Comes with an adapter and can be changed easily using your mobile charger as well. Convenient charging methods are available as we charge our cell phones. The results are considered more accurate than the traditional aneroid meter.

The same instruction as we use the aneroid meter, the best blood pressure monitor in India 2020, is carefully cuffed around the left arm above the elbow. Ensure to leave 1 finger gap between the arm and the cuff. The HealthSense Classic BP120 comes with two user memory as well.

The adapter fits in all USB devices and makes it comfortable for use. It is one of the cheapest models in the market now, at the same time a reliable one too. This digital meter has a convenient LCD that is clear to see as well.

Key Features:-

  • 22-42 centimetre cuff is suitable for large arms too
  • BP level and irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Extra-large LCD for clear vision
  • Dual Power Mode AC and DC


  • 1-year Health Sense warranty


  • The Life of the product is pretty low when compared to others in the market

3. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure

omron blood pressure monitor

If you are wondering which blood pressure machine is best?, no doubt, grab Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor now. It is the best equipment ever and more importantly comes with a very less price. The accurate measurements and the speed in which it gives the results are amazing features. The easy one-touch operation can show a lot of data about the blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and also body movement changes.

The cuff inflation and deflation are also made easy as it is completely automatic. All you need to do is, wrap the cuff neatly around the left arm. The rest shall be taken care of by the device. The dual power mode makes it easier and also portable. The advanced Intellisense technology makes the device by far the best. The size of the product is also small that makes it portable too.

Key Features:-

  • Fast and Accurate measurements using Intellisense technology
  • Body Movement Indicator, this is one of the best features of the product


  • 5 years warranty
  • Lifetime support


  • The meter is so sensitive that the readings may differ quickly


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4. Dr.Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital Bp Machine bp machine india

Dr Trust is best in the healthcare industry and this is one of the masterpieces from the laboratory of the firm. This device is considered to be the best blood pressure monitor machine in India. State of the art technology, this device can speak. Yes, It does speak, it speaks in two languages, English and Hindi.

The meter readings are easy to note. The best part of the device is that it is accurate in its readings. The reason for this device being the best digital blood pressure monitor in India is because of its picture-perfect accuracy of the results.

The Zebra Light display gives a powerful look to the meter. With the black background and white numbers are exquisite to see. Moreover, it is very easy to use and seamless in the operation. The conical cuff and also the blood pressure thermometer comes in a compact box too.

The storage box makes it more convenient to carry. As this is highly portable, it is also to be understood that it is light weighted. The colour, the technology and accuracy make this digital blood pressure monitoring meter the best in the industry.

Key Features:-

  • Speaking Meter, it can speak
  • It also functions in mute mode too


  • 5 years of the extended warranty, this makes it the best product in the market
  • Supports multiple USB devices
  • Pulse irregularities monitored
  • The fuzzy algorithm gives accurate readings


  • The clarity of the display becomes dull when there is a change in readings

5. Dr.Trust USA Blood Pressure Monitor Machine in India blood pressure monitor machine

This device too has the same talking capacity. What makes this the best bp monitor machine in India is because of its easy detection techniques. The device is compact and weightless. The backlight of the device changes according to the readings. It has three colour codes, Green, Yellow and the Red. Depending on the blood pressure levels, the backlight colour alters to give easy detections.

If the pressure is normal, it has a green backlight and changes to yellow when it is prehypertension and changes to red if it is very high. The red alert is a fantastic phenomenon applied by the team. Yes, the talking feature is valuable but this detection feature makes it more handy and conducive to use.

The pulse irregularity check and the heartbeat indicator makes it more versatile on the outset. At the same time, the impeccable accuracy and the quick response makes it the best device so far. The package comes along with the adapter and can be used in any USB devices.

Key Features:-

  • Auto Backlight Colour Change
  • Talking feature – English and Hindi


  • High Accuracy in reading
  • Less Priced for the Product’s versatility


  • The device may stagger if the movement is more

Things to Consider Before Buying Blood Pressure Monitor Machine in India:

1. Size matters:

The size of the sleeve is the most significant component to check when you’re choosing a pulse monitor, The size identifies with the boundary of your upper arm. A cuff that doesn’t fit appropriately on your arm may give you wrong readings.

2. Don’t overpay:

Disregard the extravagant accessories. They support the expense of the screen and are regularly superfluous. Without a doubt, Bluetooth availability and putting away your readings in the cloud are cool highlights, yet you don’t generally require them. No need to pay more than $40 to $60 for a doctor affirmed a blood pressure monitor that will carry out the responsibility to check blood pressure fine and dandy.

3. Check for accuracy

Most monitors you find in a drugstore or online are fine. Yet, it doesn’t damage to take it to your doctor’s clinic and check yours against the clinic monitor. Most home blood pressure machines keep going for around two or three years. From that point forward, check it at your primary care physician’s office once in a year to ensure it’s still working properly.

4. Avoid smart apps

If you take a look at any app store, you’re probably going to discover many blood pressure estimation applications for your smartphone. Certain applications guarantee to measure your blood pressure through heartbeat wave speed, which takes a gander at the wave structure in the artery of your finger.

“However, those are not accurate. The exact opposite thing you need is to get bogus data and be falsely frightened — or falsely consoled — about your circulatory pressure numbers.”

5. Take Three

There’s one additional element you should seriously consider over to help support a screen’s exactness: taking three estimations consequently. A few monitors do this each time you check your pulse. They take the first reading; hold up 30 to 60 seconds and take a subsequent reading; at that point hold up 30 to 60 additional seconds, and take the last estimation.

Freequently Asked Question (FAQ’S)

Q.1 Is the bp machine accurate?

It additionally assists doctors with making speedy prescription acclimations to keep a pulse in the sound zone. In any case, blood pressure monitors aren’t generally as precise as they ought to be. “Home blood pressure monitors might not be appropriate in 5% to 15% of patients, contingent upon the limit for precision used,” as indicated by doctor.

Q.2 How often can I use the blood pressure monitor in a day?

The first measurement ought to be in the morning before eating or taking any prescriptions, and the second in the evening. Each time you measure, take a few readings to ensure your outcomes are exact. Your primary care physician may suggest taking your blood pressure at the same time every day.

Q.3 What is the best time of the day to measure your blood pressure?

Our blood pressure changes during the day, so when you begin tracking your B.P set up a daily practice of checking your blood pressure and have increased a better understanding of the numbers, you can start checking it a few times per day, simultaneously every day.

Q.4 Do blood pressure monitors measure heart rate?

Your blood pressure is the power of blood streaming against the walls of your arteries while your pulse (also known as heartbeat) is the occasion when your heart pulsates each moment. Circulatory strain is taken utilizing an uncommon sleeve that circumvents the arm.

Q.5 How long does BP monitor last?

Yes, blood pressure monitor measures heart rate as most home blood pressure machines keep going for around two or three years. From that point forward, check it at your primary care physician’s clinic yearly to ensure it’s still accurate.

Q.6 Which is the best brand to buy blood pressure monitor machine in India?

The Omron Platinum Upper Arm is the best purchase. It’s wireless, making for unencumbered measurements, and it can oblige two users, storing up to 100 readings each. It connects with your phone through Bluetooth, and you can utilize the Omron application to monitor your outcomes and offer them through email. The sufficiently bright screen with huge digits makes navigation simpler.

Q.7 How long should I wait in between blood pressure machine readings?

Wait for one to three minutes after the first reading and afterwards take another to check accuracy. If your screen doesn’t naturally log blood pressure or pulse rate, write them on a page.


With the vast amount of usage, the digital blood pressure meters are most sought. The model you would like to select is your choice. Look at the accuracy, price and portability as the main criteria when you purchase health care products. keep all points in mind while looking for the best blood pressure monitor machine in India.

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