Aren’t you tired of wearing clothes that are not ironed properly and make you look like you are messy? The root of this problem is a bad steam iron. We have all used a steam iron that either leaves marks on clothes or doesn’t remove wrinkles properly.

We have spent hours looking for the perfect steam iron but have failed. And we know we cannot be stuck with the same iron or it will be a nightmare for us.But don’t worry everybody, we solved this problem for you. We have made the list of the best steam iron in India for home use in 2020. Which might be better than those who had given your clothes a messy look.

Before you start looking for the best steam iron for household purposes, you should know what to look for in a steam iron. Many factors decide what makes a steam iron for clothes the best in the market. All of them paired together can be confusing for anyone. For a better understanding, we have shortlisted only the important ones right here.

What to Look in Steam Iron Before Buying it

1. Quality soleplate

One of the most important qualities for the best steam iron press for clothes available in India is a good quality soleplate. Soleplate defines the life span for your iron press. A good soleplate also determines the results after you iron a cloth. Look for a non-stick coated soleplate because they leave fewer wrinkles and don’t scorch the clothes.

2. Length of power cord

Look for a longer power cord while buying a steam iron for clothes. A longer cord will allow you to move freely while ironing and will not restrict your movement. Some irons can even have a length of 12 feet but you can decide for your ease of use. A good cord length makes it into the best portable steam iron available in India.

3. Weight of Iron

Everyone who uses a steaming iron knows how difficult it is to iron with heavy iron. If you don’t prefer to have a good arm workout during ironing then we suggest getting a lightweight iron. Too light iron may not glide properly so look for weight in between these two categories.

4. Wattage

Wattage in a steam iron determines how fast the iron heats up and how much steam it generates. Wattages above 1500 are best but other factors also determine the functioning of steam iron for clothes.

5. Auto Shut Off

To get the best garment steamer in India for home use auto shut off features is very important as it prevent fire hazards & over heating

Top 7 Best Steam Irons For Home Use in India 2020

1. Usha 3412 1200-Watt Steam Iron (Purple)

usha press

Poly Teflon coated Non-stick soleplate with indicator lights for easy use. The Usha 3412 Steam iron for clothes can iron for 12 minutes straight at a full water tank capacity of 170 ml. It can generate a steam output of up to 15gm/min removing tough wrinkles.

It comes with an overheat safety shut off with a high accuracy thermostat for temperature control. It has 4 modes for you to use according to your need which makes it the best steam iron press for clothes in India. With the Power of 1200 watts and operating voltage of 240 volts, this is the best steam iron for home use in India.

Pros :-

  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Auto Shut off
  • Dry & Spray Function

Cons: –

    • Takes time to heat up
    • Without proper heat water can leak
    • Heavy Iron (Weight 1.42 kg)

2. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

bajaj majesty MX-1250

With a Non-Stick coated soleplate, Bajaj Majesty MX 3 is among the best steam iron with spray in India. A 150 ml translucent water tank that is self-cleaning makes the job even easier for you. A cord length of 1.8 Meters which allows ease of use while ironing.

12 grams of steam output with variable output having 2 years of warranty this iron is one of the best portable steam iron available online in India. With a power of 1250 watts and a super clean surface finish which saves you precious time, this steam iron is a great steam iron for clothes.


  • Non-Stick Coated Soleplate
  • 2-year warranty
  • 8 m cord length


  • Takes time to heat up
  • Water Leakage problem

3. Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron (Pink)

havells steam iron

With a power of 1840 watts and an operating voltage of 210-250 volts, Havells Magnum Steam iron stays in the team of Best non-stick iron in India. Havells Magnum Steam Iron comes with an adjustable thermostat control with overheat safety protection.

The steam iron has both dry and steam ironing with vertical bursts of steam. A Non-stick coated soleplate iron with a water tank capacity of 300 ml and self-cleaning variable scale, this is a dream iron. With 2 years of warranty, this is one of the best steam iron for home use in India.


  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Auto Shut off
  • Dry & Spray Function


  • Takes time to heat up
  • Without proper heat water can leak
  • Heavy Iron (Weight 1.42 kg)

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4. Bajaj MX35N 2000 Watts (Black)

bajaj MX35N 2000

One of the best Non-Stick steam iron with a coated soleplate in the market. Bajaj MX35N Steam Iron has a 360-degree swivel cord for full movement and comes with a 210 ml water tank. With 2 years warranty and variable steam outputs for different clothes, this is one of the best garment steamers for home use.

This steam iron not only vertical irons your clothes but also irons your hanging clothes. With an Anti-drip and anti-scale technology, this iron heats up fast so that you don’t waste any time. The power of the iron is 2000 watts with operating voltage between 220-240 volts


  • Fast Heating
  • Variable Steam Output for different clothes


    • Leakage problems even after anti-drip technology
    • Cannot fill water tank completely
    • Takes time to heat up to use steam function

5. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

Philips GC1905

The Philips GC1905 Steam Iron comes with aluminum covered soleplate facilitating smooth gliding on clothes. With steam burst and different steam settings, this iron is the best garment steamer for home use. With the power of 1440 watt and input of 240 volts, it makes it the best steam iron and comes with a frequency of 50 Hz.

It provides you with a continuous output of 13g/min with 2 years of warranty. The 180 ml water tank fills easy & fast and comes with a fine spray system making it the best steam iron with spray available in India. With a 1.8 m cord length and 180 degrees of cord freedom, this iron is also light in weight and self-cleaning, saving you time.


  • Light Weight
  • Aluminium coated soleplate
  • Spray System


  • Cannot fill water to full capacity
  • Takes time to heat up or can lead to leakage
  • 2nd and 3rd settings can only be used when soleplate is hot

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6. Havells Plush 1600-Watt (Black)

havells plush

The Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron counts among best steam iron in India. A non-stick coated soleplate with variable steam functions this iron gives you the best. With a power input of 220-240 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz, it also has an adjustable thermostat.

A water tank capacity of 250 ml with powerful steam burst and vertical steam, the Havells plush steam iron has a 360-degree swivel cord. Allowing you ease in flexibility and being light in weight; this iron has an overheat safety protection which makes it the best steam iron press for clothes in India.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel Cord


  • Leakage problem
  • Can stick to clothes and leave marks

7. Usha Steam Pro 3820 2000-Watt (Blue)

usha press 2

The Usha Steam Pro 3820 has a ceramic coating with a non-stick soleplate coating. A 360-degree swivel cord with a length of 5 ft, this is worth being the best portable steam iron. With an anti-drip function and thermostat control, it has 3 modes for you to use while ironing.

2000 watts power and a water tank capacity of 280 ml, this iron provides you with a steam burst of 0.4 gm per shot. It can create a powerful steam output up to 20 gm/min and has a overheat safety shut off making it one of the best steam iron for home use.


  • 2 Year warranty
  • Self-Clean
  • 1kg Weight


  • Low steam
  • Not suitable for all fabric types

Steam Iron or Dry Iron – Which One is the Best?

Dry iron refers to the iron box with a thermostat that has a wattage of 1500 Watts. Despite what might be expected, steam Iron refers to the iron with a compartment for the transformation of water to steam. It includes the age of steam that makes pressing quicker. Thus, wrinkles get evacuated rapidly enough in the fastest time.

Difference between a steam iron and dry iron:

  • Water tank

The main difference between a steam iron and dry iron is the water tank. A steam iron has a water tank so that it can create steam. On the other hand, a dry iron doesn’t have a water tank.

Along these lines, dry irons don’t leak, splash or spit water onto your garments. If you want to avoid such problems, at that point a dry iron would be a better choice.

  • Steam output and steam holes

The Steam iron haves steam output and steam holes. Some have a steam output consisting of several minuscule holes which gives out a lot of steam. This permits you to have wrinkle-free clothes that don’t need to be ironed regularly.

Dry irons don’t have steam holes. The soleplate will be flat and smooth. This is a decent choice of iron in case you’re into artworks that require pressing.On the off chance that you pick a steam iron, ensure the holes aren’t blocked. That way, you get the right measure of steam for your garments.

  • Availability of operating features:

Steam iron gives the user the simplicity to work the numerous setting choices. Steam trigger-based steam irons have a LED show. Dry iron is fundamental when contrasted with the steam iron. It’s required to view the temperature settings of the dry iron.

How to clean the steam iron water tank?

Regardless of whether you have a steam iron that has worked in self-cleaning and anti-calc framework, they can even now be inclined to the development of limescale and other mineral deposits, particularly if you utilize an inappropriate kind of water.

If you’ve thought about how to clean a steam iron without an excess of issue, at that point follow our supportive guide which will show you a few unique methods of cleaning a steam iron rapidly, effectively, and modestly.

Step 1 – Pour the vinegar into the water tank until it arrives at a quarter of the way.

Step 2 – Make temperature to the medium setting.

Step 3 – Spray and iron the dry white clothes until the water tank is empty.

Step 4 – Fill the water tank up with refined water.

FAQ’S (Freequently Asked Question’s)

Q.1 Can steam irons also be used for dry ironing?

You have to turn off the steam option and void the water tank to utilize a steam iron as a dry iron. It’s ideal to do this when pressing fabrics like polyester, rayon, or silk since they can’t be steam pressed. You would prefer not to destroy your favourite clothes!

It depends on what you need the iron for, however picking a steam method you get the best of two worlds. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a less expensive alternative, the dry iron will work. Dry irons are additionally better for specific projects, like heat transfer.

Q.2 How do I use the vertical steam?

Vertical steam iron is very easy and convenient to use as this a professional pressing assistant is consistently by your side. Steam is intense with wrinkles and delicate with silk. Remove smells from stored clothes and invigorate them. Warms up quickly, it is little, light, and simple to utilize.

Q.3 How to avoid water leakage from the iron?

Your iron may leak or dribble if the temperature is set excessively low. Your iron needs to get sufficiently hot to transform water into steam. Give your iron a couple of moments to warm up before using it. Check your user manual and ensure that you’re utilizing your iron at a temperature setting that is hot enough for the steam work.

Q.4 How often should I clean the tank and vents?

Cleaning an iron can be one of those household errands that you frequently neglect to do. That is until you notice that your iron is adhering to fabric, splashing grimy water, or leaving dark spots on your clothes. After some time,  dust, shower starch, and fabric strands build-up on the base soleplate of your iron, and old water inside your iron’s water store can start to cause rust spots.

While you might be slanted to throw your iron for a more current, cleaner model, ordinary cleaning is moderately simple and can make your ironwork like new once more. This guide will show you a couple of various strategies to clean your iron, all around. Moreover, it is important to clean your ion frequently

Step 1 Clean the inside.

Step 2 Clean the soleplate

Step 3 Remove melted on residue

Step 4 Care for and maintain your iron


We all need to look our best and for that, we need good ironed clothes. Wrinkle-free clothes should be a basic right for everyone using iron presses and for that using a good steam iron is necessary. Keeping in mind the important factors while buying a good steam iron we made the list of best steam iron for home use in India 2020.

These are some of the best steam iron that is available in the market at a good price. Go ahead and do some shopping with this brand-new information. We hope you check out these products by clicking here.

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