The IAS exams that are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)  in India is one of the toughest exams attempted by students in the country. However, it is not impossible to pass the IAS exams with flying colours. With the right materials and resources, this exam can be cracked with good marks. Some of the best books for UPSC exams in India are:

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination by M. Laxmikanth

The “Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination” is a very popular reliable book used by UPSC aspirants. It is so comprehensive that it has become a must-read book for people in civil services giving various examinations.

The book covers a broad variety of political topics that makes it own of its kind. This book is filled with reliable material for research and information on the political and constitutional issues of the country. Among the admirers, this book is called the bible of the polity.

Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania – one of the most preferred best books for UPSC exams

Known as one of the best books for the UPSC exams in India, “Indian Art and Culture” is a very interesting book that not only prepares the UPSC aspirants for the examination but also gives a detailed and well-explained syllabus of Indian culture and heritage.

Along with the content that is full of knowledge, there comes questions and answers at the end which helps students to test their knowledge. Overall, this book is very important for UPSC students because it is very important to know the roots of the country’s culture to understand history better.

India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra – one of the best books for UPSC exams

This book provides USPC students with a detailed and in-depth study of the Indian Independence movement. The struggle for freedom is a very important topic of Indian history and the book covers it thoroughly with small details. The reason this book is very reliable and accurate is that it shows several viewpoints of people on the same topic. This means you get to see the movements through different perspectives and angles.

Along with this, it shows the impact of the same movement across the whole country at a time, which can be used to locate different events on the timeline accurately. Apart from that, the book is filled with various valid and legal verbal as well as written sources. Overall, this book is an excellent option for people who like to know history in detail without missing out on minor details.

Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma

“Ancient India” is an NCERT school book written a few years ago by Professor Ram Sharma who is a renowned historian. This book is then revised over time and the most recent revision of the book answers multiple questions that are most frequently asked during the major discussions on Ancient India.

This volume of the book is for those who want to master the main topics of Ancient India straight from the introduction part. It is considered one of the best books for UPSC exams.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Every UPSC aspirant will have this book on their reading list without a doubt. “Indian Economy” is an excellent book for people who want to learn economics from the bottom to the top. This book provides all the essential data and topics in a very brief yet useful way.

The author of the book, Ramesh Singh, himself is a very successful economist and essayist. He applied his knowledge and fieldwork to create a masterpiece that will help all the UPSC students to learn better and prepare for their exams.

Overall, UPSC exams are very competitive and tough, but with the right resources and guidelines, one can be successful. You should conduct a self-research to find the best books for UPSC exams before you start studying.

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