If you think of ways to get relief from the harsh sun this summer, then I think you should look for the most portable and inexpensive machines i.e. air coolers to save yourself from humidity. Also you can buy the best air conditioner, but then why spend so much when you can do something best and save money. So, we searched over the web, and put our hands on some of the best air cooler for home in India 2020.

It is an extraordinary experience, as there are hundreds of branded companies in the market selling top-notch quality air cooler for home in India. Also, with climate change and rising temperatures the need for an air cooler has increased in India every day and you may need it for the weather as well.

Most of the air coolers in India today are cooler based on the principle of evaporative, known as ‘swamp’ cooler or ‘desert’ cooler. In these coolers, the hot air outside passes over the water. Water evaporates with heat from the outside air.

Thus the temperature of the air decreases due to heat exchange, which makes it relatively cold. Thereafter cold air enters the room. When this process is repeated continuously, the overall temperature of the room decreases, then it gives a pleasant feeling during the summer days.

With the help of a fan, the outside air is brought to the cooler, where it passes through the cold pad. Evaporation of water takes place within these cooling pads. A pump is used to bring water to the top of the cold pad and then mixed through the pad.

The air cooler job is only to evaporate the water, environmentally friendly it is the best way to cool any place. There is no involvement of cold gases here and so now you can feel yourself cold without participating in global warming!

Why to Buy an Air Cooler?

  1. Apart from being cheap, the best air cooler uses water for cooling and does not use any refrigerant like CFC, HCFC etc. for cooling like air conditioners. So it is very environmentally friendly.
  2. The initial cost of buying an air cooler for home is much less than that of an air conditioner. It means less investment!
  3. The power consumption by these coolers is much less than that of air conditioners, so it is also best in terms of annual energy savings. Therefore, the cost of using an air cooler with less investment is less than the use of AC.
  4. Coolers are portable. Therefore, it is very easy to keep it in the room wherever you want to cool.
  5. The air conditioner cools the air inside a room and then throws air into the same room, while the air cooler takes fresh air from outside, cools it and throws it inside the room. Therefore more fresh air is distributed in the room.

Best Air Cooler for Home in India in 2020

1. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

symphony cooler for home

Symphony Diet 12T the best tower air cooler for home in India is designed with efficient tower air cooler for room, Diet 12T. Designed in a close-packed manner, it not only for throwing air at a long distance also provides you to enhance your decor with thus smart and elegant look. If you wish to have an air cooler, you can put ice cubes in the ice chamber.

Pros :-

  • Close-packed design
  • Attractive colors available
  • Ice chamber
  • Water level indicator,

Cons: –

  • While operating it you may feel some vibration that is quite normal

2. Symphony Storm 100T 100liter Air Cooler

tower cooler symphony

Storm 100T coolers are coming with a powerful fan. It makes sure fast cooling with great airflow. Its close-packed design makes it apt for all the rooms.


  • Powerful wheels for easy portability
  • Large cooling pad for high cooling
  • Vertical swings available


  • Every Time allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your room otherwise cooler would not work effectively

3. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler

Orient is one of the most famous Air Cooler Manufacturers in India. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres is one of the most prominent selling Air coolers in India 2020 to get rid of Humidity. Get blown away dust air and it also has super cooling abilities. With a tank volume of 20 ltrs., it has auto fill cap potentiality, the snow breeze super cooler makes sure that winters are back in summer also.


  • high performing efficiency
  • Delivers air of 1300 m3/hr away
  • 3 speeds motors
  • Ice chamber for quick cooling


  • Every Time allows for CROSS-VENTILATION in your room, otherwise cooler would not work effectively and efficiently.


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4. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler for Medium Room

Bajaj Platini PX97 Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj Electricals furnish air coolers for home that are fit for dissimilar climates and geo location. with attributes like high delivers air, the air coolers furnish succourand effective and efficient cooling. Most Bajaj air coolers attribute modern technology to an effective and efficient cooling experience. All caster wheels provide ease of movement.


  • Easily dismissible pads,
  • 3 Side cooling pad for best performance
  • Wheel for easy portability
  • 3 speed controlling way
  • Best Performance
  • Four way of air deflection


  • Do not worry if you experience some smell when you run your cooler for the 1st time. It is due to chemicals used to clean the honeycomb pads.
  • Also please change the water twicely in a week to avoid any pungent smell. The problem should not occur in subsequent uses. If it does, please contact Brand Service Center.
  • Every Time allow for Cross-Ventilation in your area otherwise cooler would not work properly

5. Bajaj Frio 23-litres Air Cooler for home in india – for Medium Room

Bajaj Frio 23-litres Personal Air Cooler (White) - for Medium Room

This, Bajaj’s finest air cooler for medium room in 2020 is also fit for dissimilar climates and geo location with attribute i.e. high delivers air and huge water tank, the air cooler furnish succour and effective and efficient cool most Bajaj air coolers attribute modern technology for an cooling, castor wheels, provides ease of movement.


  • Blower Based Technology for best Cooling experience.
  • Ice Compartments for storing Ice Cubes for best Cooling Experience
  • Powerful Air Throw
  • 3 Speed of Control


  • Every Time allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your room, otherwise cooler would not work properly
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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Air Cooler in India:

For the efficiency of the air cooler, it is very important that the right size cooler is used and selected according to the size of the room. The size of the cooler is determined by a unit CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM is a unit used to measure air flow. High CFM means that the fan is throwing more air into the chamber. It is a simple calculation, which will help you find the correct size of the cooler according to your need.

Important things to consider when buying an air cooler for house in India:

  1. Buy the right size. See the CFM calculation below.
  2. Pads with honeycombs are best.
  3. Coolers with galvanized steel bodies are more efficient and longevity.
  4. More efficient than air conditioners.
  5. If you are in a humid city, look for a humidity control facility.

Delivers air or air displacement (in CFM) = room area x square feet x your room height / 2 (Factor 2 in the denominator means that the air in the room changes once every 2 minutes).

For example, if the area of ​​your room is 100 square feet and the ceiling is 8 feet high, Delivers air or air displacement = 100 × 8/2 = 400 cubic feet / minute. So, to convert CFM to cubic meter / hour, CFM has to be multiplied by 1.699.

1 cubic meter / hour = 1.699 x1 CFM

Our example requires 400 CFM size cooler,

Which is equal to 1.399 x 400 = 680 cubic meters / hour (approx)

It is very important to have the right size of the cooler, if the cooler is smaller than the required size, then it will have to work long hours to cool the room. It will consume more energy. Which is based on the difference of wattage of a small and the right size cooler.

Air cooler in dissimilar temperatures:

Air cooler in India work best in hot and dry climates. The work of air coolers depends on the evaporation of water in the atmosphere. Therefore, the evaporation of more water will make the air more cold. But there is a limit to the air holding volume in the atmosphere, so if the air is already moist it will not be able to hold more water and as a result the air will not be cold beyond a certain extent, it will be cold in a dry season. So increasing the humidity will reduce the effect of the cooler. Nowadays, to overcome its drawback, coolers with ‘humidity control’ facilities are being made. Many leading air cooler brands in India such as Bajaj and Symphony are manufacturing models with special attributes to control humidity as well as used in moist coastal areas.

Power consumption and efficiency

  1. The power consumed by air coolers is less than air conditioners. 1 ton of AC costs 0.8 units per hour, while an air cooler will cost 0.1 units per hour for a room of the same size.
  2. Besides climate, pads also contribute to efficiency. The method of using cooling pads has a major effect on the water absorption process and evaporation. These popular methods
  • Honeycomb
  • Aspen

The difference between these methods is the potentiality of absorbing water and facilitating the passage of air through it. Aspen pads are 85% efficient, while honeycomb pads are 75% efficient.


These are the best air cooler for home in 2020. We have chosen these air coolers as per the reviews from users from the top Indian marketplaces. We have written down every specification, attribute and advantage of every air cooler available in India we suggested you buy.

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