Most of you out there have a hectic day in today’s rapid-paced society. Getting a foot massage at the end of the bustling day is like a dream comes true. Acupuncture professionals have said that your feet carry all the nerves of all your body parts and getting proper therapy can relax your whole body. In order to offer you an extremely relaxing therapy at the top of your demanding day, we attempted researching diverse available best foot massager machine in India.

In the present, quick-paced society best Foot and calf massaging machine in India are getting amazingly mainstream and have one of the must-have apparatuses in any family unit. The correct choice of massager for legs gives astounding massage experience as well as causes your body to loosen up both physically and mentally.

These foot and leg massager in 2020 are fit for giving various kinds of massaging experience for example vibration, shiatsu, infrared, water rubbing and so on. The price of your foot massage machine depends on the selection and usage of the different massaging mechanisms being used in your leg massage mechanism. In the event that you ask me, at that point, I appreciate utilizing massager with a blend of vibration and shiatsu rubbing instrument.

Different Types of Massaging Style


The vibration mechanism helps to slow down the muscles quickly. With this kind of massagers, you furthermore may get the associate choice to manage the intensity of vibration from low to high. Low-intensity vibration may be useful throughout painful and sore muscles. The mechanism uses mild shaking and jostles to assuage your body.


The kneading massaging style provides a deeper impact on your muscles and calves. The technique main focuses on loosening, stretching and lifting your tense muscles to provide a soothing result. This is appropriate for folks searching for an intense massage.


This is called one of the standard Japanese massages, hence the massager tries to mimic a similar using differing types of massage strokes to provide hand like massaging experience. It helps to unleash energy, relax muscles, and comfort tight muscles and focuses on restoring the natural balance of your overall body. This is often best fitted to those that have a busy and quick modern lifestyle.


In this massage, compression is applied on your foot with the assistance of airbags to supply you with a relaxing experience. This massaging style dilates the capillaries of your muscles leading to improved blood circulation.

Types of Foot Massager Machine….

Electric Massager

These sorts of massagers are one among the usually used models operated electrically. Massager uses rollers and balls to massage your foot. These massagers typically use vibration, kneading and combination of each technique to massage your foot counting on their models and worth. Foot massagers address a number of the common points like sole, ankles and feet. The electric leg massager comes in numerous varieties i.e. hand-held and closed.

However, the hand facilitated electrical massagers usually provides vibration massaging together with infrared obtainable at a far cheaper worthwhile in closed massagers. You’ve got to place your feet inside the massager and therefore the leg massager will do its job using techniques like vibration & kneading providing you a far better relaxing experience.

Shiatsu Massagers

This type of massager for legs uses a heating element, vibration and rotating heads (kneading) to mimic renowned Japanese kneading massaging expertise that is known as acupressure. It is one among the extraordinary massage varieties that concentrate on necessary pressure points of your foot.

Infrared Massagers

As the name suggests, the electrical massager uses infrared rays to produce a calming experience to your muscles. you’ll not feel the quiet impact from this however the infrared radiation is alleged to produce a heating impact to your internal muscles. These kinds of massagers aren’t intense and useful to your old folks experiencing joint pains and looking out for a softer experience.

Water Massagers

These foot massagers use water, lightweight and bubble effect to supply you with a calming experience. This electrical massager conjointly comes in an exceedingly |in a very} soft massage therapy that’s said to provide you with an increased therapeutic edge. Water massagers are much larger and heavier than your regular electrical foot massagers and conjointly comes with further accessories to assist you with a decent pedicure.

These are the Top 5 Best Foot Massager Machine in India- 2020

The price of your best foot and calf massager machine depends on the brand, warranty and the different types of massaging styles they are using. You have to choose between different styles of massaging experience you want and the budget you have. Let us start our list of top 5 best foot massager machine in India.


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1. JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager with Reflexology Vibration for Quick Pain Relief

jsb foot massaging machine india

JSB is one of the best foot massager brand in India in 2020. The JSB HF05 model is extraordinary compared to other massager machines for legs models to give you the best incentive for cash. The brand has an encounter of more than 30 years to furnish the best quality item alongside certifiable cost and guaranteed after-deals administration.

Key features:-

  • foot massager machine for pain relief from discomfort with elastic manipulating cushions to adequately knead foot and calf simultaneously
  • Assists support with blooding dissemination in people, viable in varicose veins, foot pain, calf pain, arthritis, knee pain.
  • foot & calf massager machine can lean back up to 45 degrees: Use while sitting/leaning back, 15 minutes auto-off
  • Has 3 methods of vibration + 3 methods of kneading, relaxing reflexology vibration plate on the sole of the foot, for clients up to 5’6″ stature: over that tallness this leg massager won’t cover some part of upper calves.

Pros :-

  • A leading brand with 30 years’ experience
  • Value for money
  • 3 modes of vibration and kneading settings
  • Separate Vibration footplate with reflexology
  • Rubber kneed for calves, ankle and feet.

Cons: –

    • Suitable for people with 5’6”, it may not cover full calves for people with height more than 5’6”.
    • Heavy  Product

2. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Foot Massager With Vibration – 1022

dr physio foot massager in india

Dr Physio Leg and Foot Massager – 1022 is planned to spoil your feet and legs in the most valuable manner. It is intended to convey Shiatsu rub on feet, calves and legs to diminish torment and stress immediately. It accompanies a copper wire engine that suddenly spikes in demand for voltage 220V for a more drawn out timeframe. It has adaptable working circles that create exceptional rubbing experience to offer you an expert spa-like involvement at home. It utilizes vibration and warmth together to give electronic incitement on the fundamental compel purposes of feet and legs to loosen up the pressure.

Key Features:-

  • A POWERFUL MOTOR: Long enduring execution guaranteed as the item has a ground-breaking copper engine which has a longer life expectancy and current structure.
  • BEST MASSAGE EFFECT: Consolidate 3 massaging programs +3 vibration modes for accomplishing a valuable reflexology
  • WARM FUNCTION: Advanced warm capacity passes warmth to muscles and tendons to reduce pressure and torment rapidly. Press the Warm catch at the board of this machine to initiate the glow work


  • Robust and high-quality ABS body
  • Amazing ergonomic design
  • Varied massage modes to apply customized massaging.


  • Low Heating
  • Less Spacious

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3. HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager

health sense massaging machine

Give a restoring and loosening up an excursion to your worn-out feet with recuperate contact foot massager lm310. Dealing with a bipedal reflexology framework, recuperate contact conveys total foot rub by underlining on the crucial purposes of the two feet at the same time. It is remarkably formed, power effective, solid and tough. Change the back rub example and power according to your requirements and appreciate a calming spa involvement in recuperate contact. Considered as one of the Best cheap Foot Massager machine in India 2020.

Key Features:-

  • Bipedal reflexology system to massage both feet altogether; Rated Voltage: 220V, 50Hz; Rated Output: 45W; Remote Frequency: 1.5mtr
  • Complete foot massage by focusing on vital points
  • Massages symptomatic acupuncture points for long-lasting relief
  • Unique convex-concave shape for uniform massage distribution


  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight
  • Value For Money


  • Delicate to Use
  • Delay in After-Sale Service

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4. Robotouch Reflexo Foot & Calf Massager With Heat and Sole Rollers

robotouch massager machine 2020

Robotouch foot and leg massager incorporates exceptional rolling, manipulating and vibratory reflexology rub that coaxes agony and delicacy away from your attempted calves, feet and lower legs.

This leg foot massager machine mitigates, alleviates and energies sore and exhausted feet. Robotouch Massager improves dissemination to rejuvenate attempted legs & energize the delicate feet and lower leg muscles.

Key Features:-

  • This foot and leg massager with versatile rubber kneading pads want a true massage.
  • Massager effectively squeezes and massages feet, ankles and calves all at identical times.
  • Massager versatile kneading discs produce an expert massage expertise


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • User Friendly
  • Power Saving Massager
  • Pain Reliever


    • Not flexible in nature
    • Average Heating

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5. Jsb Hf51 Best Foot Massager for Pain Relief

jsb best massaging machine

JSB HF51 Calf & Foot massager Machine with Heat for Calf Pain Relief is a hot-selling massager with a universal style leg pain massager which might be utilized by anyone. Many elderly people and folks with pain in the legs and calves have benefited from this massager machine & has become a well-liked gifting product also. This JSB leg massager for men and ladies is often utilized by folks of all ages. This is also known for best foot massager for home in India

Key Features:-

  • Massaging programs based on age-old acupuncture and reflexology methodology
  • 3 speed and intensity levels
  • Massage style: Vibration, Kneading, vibration reflexology on the foot sole, compression rubber pads
  • 15 minutes auto-shutoff function


  • A leading brand with 30 years’ experience
  • Value for money
  • Valued product for home use
  • 3 modes of vibration and kneading settings


  • No heating massage
  • Heavy in weight

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Each one of you out there deserves a calming massage on a daily basis after your long exhausting day however obtaining a spa each day is next to not possible thanks to many reasons starting from your budget to travelling for the spa. However, investing in a good massager for legs will assist you with the comfort of your body daily at a far lower price.

Most of the foot massagers within the Indian market square measure equipped with a number of the foremost fashionable massaging skills and techniques to produce you with the most effective relaxation.

Now, most of the low-end massager machines for legs use rubber pads for compression massage that is nice however would press at a selected space of calves with its movement however if you select middle to higher-finish wherever airbags square measure used for compression massage.

Airbags square measure suited to produce far better pressure all-round your legs providing far better compression massage expertise.

A foot massage machine may be a high selection for foot massage to relax reception. You may not take an excessive amount of time to require care of yourself once reaching the spa and you only ought to select a foot massage machine with a full performance of massage, heating and foot massage that we’ve chosen to review the best foot massager machine in India for you.

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