Digital thermometer is the order of the day. Having been stuck with the pandemic, it is ideal to use a digital thermometer that has less contact with the body. There are many best digital thermometers in India, selecting one from the many is a tricky task. There are many varieties of the thermometers available in the market. In fact, there are many different functionalities too. However, we must know how the best digital thermometer for home use can be of benefit to you

  • Quick Results

The traditional mercury-based thermometer has its own limitations while the digital thermometer can help you get the result instantly. Many even show the result in 1 second. Sounds great is it not? let’s take a look at the next benefit

  • Accuracy

Now, this is something that you cannot expect with the mercury thermometers. These electronic ones can give you results up to the exact decimal point. This feature is fairly important for us these days. This is the best aspect when it comes to digital thermometer vs mercury thermometer.

  • Clear display

Let us not worry about the eyesight, but mercury thermometers have their own limitations with the user too. In due course, the markings may also get erased. The digital thermometers give you a clear display of the temperature. The numbers are displayed big enough for anyone to see.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining an electronic thermometer is very easy than contemporary ones. More evidently, they do not break if it falls. And the traditional method of body contact is required to know the temperature, while a few best digital thermometer guns can stand a few centimetres away to know the temperature.

Now that we know how beneficial a digital thermometer is, let us see the best ones in the market and you can choose the one that you require.

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Different Types of Thermometer in India

  • Digital Thermometer:

Digital thermometers measure the temperature by methods for an electronic circuit. The data they catch is sent to a microchip that measures it and presentations it mathematically on the computerized screen. They are easy to use, quick, exact, and cheap. These are progressed thermometers used to gauge the temperature of a body of an elevated level of exactness.

  • Infrared Ear Thermometers

The temperature in the ear is otherwise called the tympanic layer temperature or eardrum. This is one of the approaches to take your internal heat level utilizing within your ear. children prefer to check temperature this way since it takes temperature rapidly. The ordinary ear temperature is 99.5 degrees F (37.5 degrees C) in grown-ups. They ought not to be over-crushed or utilized on ears with a lot of wax.

Infrared thermometers catch body heat as infrared vitality is emitted by a warm source. This sort of thermometer depends on the way that the laws that oversee the radioactive outflow of bodies permit the exact count of the temperature of the emanating object from its discharge range, without requiring direct contact with it.

  • Digital Forehead Thermometer

It is hard to take the temperature of children and youngsters as they don’t handily participate. Also, it’s much more troublesome when they are snoozing. Yet, this issue can be settled by utilizing a forehead or temporal thermometer.

The forehead thermometer gives the exact body temperature within a couple of moments. Being a non-contact thermometer, you can take the perusing without upsetting your friends and family.

These thermometers likewise read heat using infrared and are set on the temporal vein. Temple thermometers are likewise not as dependable as digital thermometers.

  • Pacifier thermometers

The Pacifier Thermometer is a soother with an inherent early-cautioning system. It tells you when your child is contracting a fever by changing its shading in stages from blue, which demonstrates a typical temperature, to red, which shows a fever.

These thermometers are utilized dominatingly in children more established than a quarter of a year. They require the infant to be still for a few minutes and this can be a battle. This implies at times the temperature can be mistaken.

Top 5 Best Digital Thermometer in India online 2020

1. HESLEY Infrared Thermometer,Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

hesley infrared thermometer

German Engineered HESLEY has a wide range of health care products. This is a magnificent non-contact forehead use to measure body temperature. You can place the thermometer up to a distance of 10 centimetres to measure the body heat. Highly recommended for this period. The fast sensing methodology makes it so ideal and also can be used to measure in the next 30 seconds. The advanced German Infrared sensors make it happen with sheer excellence.

You can measure the temperature either in Celsius as well as in Fahrenheit. The weight of the Digital forehead thermometer in India is just 105 grams. This makes it handier. It is not only used to measure the human body temperature but also surface temperatures as well. The kit comes with 2AAA batteries. The overall life span of the product is around 5 years and it is worth the price. Ideal digital equipment required for safety and security. This is one of the best-engineered health care products.

Key features:-

  • Automatic off in 60 seconds when not in use.
  • Switch to toggle between body and surface temperature
  • Result in 1 second

Pros :-

  • 32 memory recalls is a good capacity
  • German Sensors, reliable for its accuracy
  • Multiple Measurements in 30 seconds

Cons: –

  • Though the service life is 5 years as mentioned, it may conk off within 3 years too. It depends on the usage.

2. Beurer BY20 Pacifier Thermometer

baby pacifier for babies

BY20 is the best pacifier thermometer for babies. With a cute handle available for the kids to hold too. The digital thermometer is highly recommended for babies and young children. It is gently placed in the mouth to get to know the body temperature. The result takes around 10 seconds.

It also gives a signal through an audible sound as well. Of course, it does not make use of mercury and purely digital. The Beurer BY20 pacifier thermometer is ideally designed for kids usage, as you can also observe that it is waterproof too.

Highly disinfectable is light weighted as well. The display screen is quite wide and a parent can easily take a note of it too. The cute model also makes it look beautiful like a toy. It has a sweet bear look that attracts the kids too. It is going to be easy for a parent to measure the body temperature of their kids. This is a handy device to be at home and essential too.

Key Features:-

  • Very Gentle in measuring the temperature in the mouth
  • A protective cap for the measuring area
  • Auto Switch Off


  • A quick measure of the body temperature
  • Easily not breakable


  • Comes with an inbuilt battery, that means to say, it can be used till the battery lasts

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3. Easycare Digital Thermometer Mercury-Free LCD

easy thermometer for fever measuring

This can be seen as the contemporary thermometer in usage, while it is the best digital thermometer in India. For its price and its ease of usage. This is ideally a mouth measuring thermometer device, that can show the temperature in about 5 to 10 seconds. It is sleek and handy too.

The sound that it is designed to make once the result is up, is audible but not loud enough to notice too. Yet a good product for domestic purposes. Has a good shelf life, and the service life is around 3 years.

The digital display screen is not big enough as other counterparts, but the temperature can be seen clearly. An apt and compact digital thermometer is available in the market for use. This is mainly used for measuring body temperature and also designed for the same. There are no different colours in the product, but white must be the best choice for medical kits at home. The cheapest price and impeccable quality make it the best.

Key Features:-

  • Last memory recall option is available
  • Automatic Switch-off


  • Very Sturdy and also heavy
  • Price is cheaper


  • The problem is with the battery life, it conks off soon

4. Equinox EQ-DT-61 Digital Thermometer Flexi

equinox meter for temperature measuring

This is one of the best digital thermometers for home use. A sturdy thermometer that comes with a flexible tip. Yes, it is used to measure body temperature by using it in the mouth or on the rectal area. The thermometer not only comes with an unbreakable Flexi kit, it also comes with a fever alarm. The LCD is very clear and it can show results in 10 seconds. Of course, the temperature can be measured either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

The thermometer also has the versatile feature of the last recall option. The product has its own safety measures for long life. It is not advisable to expose the device to high temperatures of above 20 degrees Celsius. The results that it offers is accurate and it is very easy to use. The safety of your family members is always necessary. Choosing this product shall offer control over health factors.

Key Features:-

  • Temperature result in 10 seconds
  • The unbreakable and flexible tip
  • Fever Alarm


  • Sturdy look
  • Long Life


  • Maintenance is tedious

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5. Dr Trust Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer thermometer for fever

This is an amazing digital thermometer with a flexible tip. It can be used for any age group. It is a thermometer that measures the temperature by using it in the mouth. It is an easily portable device, comes with an easily viewable display option. The temperature can be seen in 20 seconds.

The thermometer comes with a wonderful storage case, it gives good safety to the product. At the same time, the readings are accurate. Very easy to operate, Dr trust flexible tip digital thermometer comes with a battery case too.

You have the option to replace batteries. That means to say, it can be at your house for a lifetime. A very convenient one-button operation makes it the best digital thermometer in India. If you are planning to buy the best, this can be your choice too.

Key Features:-

  • Robust design
  • Completion Signal
  • Battery storage cap


  • The replaceable battery functionality makes it versatile.


  • The 20 second wait period is slightly longer than usual

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Importance of Digital Thermometer

Today, a digital thermometer is considered better than a mercury thermometer that is made of mercury and glass. The digital thermometer is fancy and little. It is precise and gives out simple readings. You would now be able to purchase an advanced thermometer online as well.

  • Actual temperature

A digital thermometer can gauge the real body temperature. It does not simply measure the surface temperature like other ordinary thermometers. You needn’t bother with surface temperature to analyze the fever.

Additionally, because of the temperature in armpits and mouth, where the traditional thermometers are set to give out fluctuating readings. A digital thermometer can be set in the ear and it utilizes exceptional infrared laser procedure to record the inner temperature of the body precisely.

  • Speed of Thermometer

A digital thermometer will give you the readings in a matter of a few moments. The old thermometers set aside an effort to give the temperature readings. They would take over one moment to show the temperature. Be that as it may, digital thermometers needn’t bother with any recalibrating or shaking and show the perusing in a matter of moments.

  • Handy

The digital thermometers are smooth and helpful. You should simply press a catch delicately and you get the temperature readings. The mercury thermometer must be shaken energetically to make it work productively. It is additionally not inclined to breakage like the glass thermometers.

A digital thermometer can store just about ten of the past readings. This will help you in looking at the enhancements during a fever.

Smart Features to Look for While Purchasing Digital Thermometer

  • Memory:

A few thermometers accompany built-in-memories that can permit you to check the last a few temperatures taken. This is ideal for following the advancement of your patient as it gives a past filled with how they are getting along.

  • Color changes for temperature warnings:

Some digital thermometers change shading on the presentation at whatever point the temperature is over a specific number or when it is high. Much of the time, the backlight illumination some portion of the thermometer will turn red and let you realize that things are bad.

  • Fast reading

The quicker the thermometer is at taking readings, the better. This is because you will have the option to rapidly recognize the temperature of the sick person and take suitable measures to guarantee their health.

Fever is the main source of death, and if you can distinguish that somebody has a high fever rapidly, the quicker it will be for you to take them to the clinic. A few thermometers, be that as it may, take too long to even consider recording the temperature, and this isn’t ideal. Pick one that is exceptionally quick. It could save a life.

  • Long Battery Life

They do work on battery. Some use button cell batteries, while others utilize standard AAA or AA batteries. Whichever one you use, battery life is significant, and a few thermometers do keep going for quite a while.

It is, be that as it may, even now a smart thought to keep a different pair of batteries just if the thermometer runs out. This will spare you time when you have to purchase new batteries, and there is a crisis.

  • Safety:

Think about the wellbeing of the customer before purchasing a thermometer. Various thermometers utilize various strategies to check the temperature, and you may wind up with a troublesome circumstance if you have a confused patient.

For children and infants, an ear or rectum or forehead thermometer would be ideal. Simultaneously, for grown-ups and individuals who can have the option to sit still, a tongue or underarm thermometer will be okay.

Freequently Asked Question (FAQ’S)

Q.1 Which digital thermometer is best?

Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer takes the spot as best by and large alternative. The super-quick reader takes a precise perusing in the ear in just one second, which is ideal for guardians attempting to take temperatures for a finicky, squirmy kid.

Q.2 How accurate are thermometers?

Rectal temperatures are generally ideal to be the most precise for checking a small kid’s temperature. Rectal thermometers, which go into your backside, are the most accurate, however, they can be awkward. Armpit, ear, and temple thermometers aren’t as accurate. Most specialists think an oral thermometer, which you hold under your tongue, is ideal.

Q.3 How long does it take to get the reading from a thermometer?

A kid will most likely be unable to hold a thermometer in his mouth for extremely long until they are 5-6 years of age. A digital thermometer just takes about a moment to get a reading.

Q.4 How does a digital thermometer work?

A digital thermistor thermometer gives an excitation voltage or current to the thermistor. Since the thermistor change in resistance is huge contrasted with the resistance of the leads, a thermistor for the most part has a 2-wire association. The excitation is changed over to a voltage signal by the thermistor and the thermometer at that point changes over the measured voltage to temperature.

Q.5 Does the thermometer require refrigeration?

Yes thermometer requires to be kept in the refrigerator. Your refrigerator temperature ought to be 40 F or less, and your freezer ought to be 0 F or less. The best spot to put a thermometer is in the hottest spot – which would be close to the entryway, not concealed in the back.

Q.6 Can we wash a digital thermometer?

A fast, simple approach to sanitize the thermometer is to wipe it down with liquor. For little fissure, use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Let the liquor dry totally, or wash the tip of the thermometer in cool water before utilizing it. Another alternative is to wash the thermometer with tepid water and soap.


Now that we saw many types of digital thermometers, the choice is yours. Right from the digital infrared thermometer in India 2020 to thermometers specially made for kids was for your display. There are many aspects we need to check here. There is a non-contact infrared thermometer in India which is also highly advisable. But the price factor for those is more compared to the normal digital thermometers.

The world initiated the use of digital forehead thermometers, and it is of good purpose too. But when it comes to the digital thermometers that are less in price are also available. Health care requires qualified products and what you saw are the best ones in the industry.


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